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Welcome to (hereinafter referred to as “Services”), is a site created by the Indonesian HuMa Association.

The rules for using the Service will be guided by these Terms of Service. By accessing and or utilizing all the features of the Service, you are deemed to have read, understood and submitted to and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Service and any amendments thereto in the future.
Service Manager has the right to make any changes to the Terms of Service that are effective at the time of broadcast. It is the obligation of the Service User to periodically see the changes that occur and bind the Service User.

The Service Manager has the right at any time to change, postpone and remove parts and or features provided by the Service including but not limited to the availability of data and or content. Including the right to limit the access of Service Users to certain parts and or features of the Service.


Service users are all people and or parties who access and or take advantage of all the features of the Service. Some features and or services on the Service can only be accessed by registered Users.

Users who use the service by registering are required to provide valid and valid registration data. The Service User agrees to be fully responsible for the registration data listed in the registration form, and releases the Service Manager from any responsibility for the registration data and information listed by the Service User.

By registering the Service User agrees to be subject to and bound by the terms of the service accessed.

Service users in carrying out all activities in the Service must comply with and comply with the provisions in the Terms of Service, applicable laws and maintain norms and ethics, including:

  1. It is prohibited to include and issue statements and or depictions which include but are not limited to harassing, insulting, demeaning and offending ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group, gender/gender, physical condition/disability, certain institutions/groups, pornography, obscene words rude and other things that are not in accordance with the ethics and norms of social life.
  2. It is prohibited to take actions that violate Intellectual Property Rights including but not limited to plagiarism, unauthorized copying/piracy, forgery.
  3. It is prohibited to load or transmit from other parties on the Service, materials that legally and other related regulations contain violations of both criminal and civil laws.
  4. Service users who register are required to update their data, if there is a change to the data and information listed in the registration form.
  5. Service users in carrying out the activities of using the Service, are prohibited from spreading slander, false news, carrying out activities that are prohibited in the Republic of Indonesia, triggering hatred against certain groups or groups.
  6. It is prohibited to carry out activities in the Service that can spread viruses, trojans and or other computer programs that can interfere with or damage or stop the process of the Service.


The data and information presented in the Service are public data and information and some data and information are protected and subject to provisions on Intellectual Property Rights and other statutory provisions related to the dissemination of information.