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Internship Program in HuMa

(HuMa) is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on programs and activities on efforts to strengthen the rights of local communities/indigenous peoples over their natural resources through legal education, law-reform or advocating in policies, documenting conflicts and the spread of information through the production of books, bulletins, websites, films, and posters. Currently, HuMa working in various regions in Indonesia and in cooperation with a number of partners in the region.

HuMa were looking for 3 (three) person ‘fresh graduates’ backgrounds on Bachelor Degree, and prioritized Bachelor of Laws, to intern for 6 (six) months.


Interns have the duty and responsibility:

  1. Assist campaigns, studies, and institutional.
  2. Organise meetings and make the minutes.
  3. Managing social media (campaign).


Qualification requirements (minimum):

  • Open to men and women.
  • Maximum age 25 years.
  • Have been finish the Bachelor Degree.
  • Proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Send a sample essays and research on college thesis or articles.
  • Send a letter of application/petition.
  • Enclose a CV with the activities/support experience outside formal education.


Application and CV should be addressed to Institutional of HuMa. Received no later than August 31, 2016.

Email: or


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